At 9:00 a.m. local time on October 21, the Φ 5 × 72 m lime rotary kiln manufactured by Jiangsu Pengfei group was successfully ignited and put into operation in the 1000t / d lime production line of GCK project in Africa.
GCK project in Africa is located in Likasi City, Katanga province. The project adopts new energy-saving and environmental protection equipment manufactured by Pengfei group, which fully meets the production requirements of customers with energy-saving, environmental protection and good activity.

The construction of the project runs through the long rainy season of six months in Africa. The logistics cycle is long, the construction is difficult and the construction period is tight. In addition, the outbreak of the new global epidemic situation has caused the professional construction personnel such as steel warehouse, furnace building and electrical engineering unable to arrive in time. The project department overcame the dual pressure of epidemic prevention and production, reasonably planned and innovated the construction, and arranged 47 mechanical construction personnel on site to complete the project according to the owner's requirements, priority has been given to the commissioning of sand making system and aggregate system.
The project is contracted by Sinoma International (Nanjing) and Suzhou Sinoma. In the engineering design and construction, they are highly responsible for the owner, carefully designed and constructed, and carefully controlled the quality of each link of the project construction, and made the production line a "model project" to the satisfaction of the owner.

After the local government announced the unsealing in mid August, 129 construction workers of the contractor arrived at the site in September with the strong support of leaders of all parties and the full cooperation of the owner. Under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention, all the staff worked together to complete the construction and commissioning work, and finally achieved the ignition target of lime line as scheduled, and submitted a satisfactory answer sheet to the owner and the company, which won high praise from the owner.
The successful commissioning of GCK project is inseparable from the good communication and close cooperation between the contractor and Pengfei group. Under the double test of limited construction period and new crown epidemic situation, the project execution and combat effectiveness of the three parties are fully demonstrated. Moreover,the completion of the project adds strength to China's equipment manufacturing and technology to the world, and sows a seed of friendship for China on the land of Africa.



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