Cement production line is the production line construction project composed by a series of corollary equipments which are used for product cement.It is mainly composed by crushing equipment、homogenize equipment、raw material preparation equipment、drying equipment、preheat and predecomposition equipment、the clinker sintering equipment、cooling equipment、grinding equipment、packaging equipment、conveying equipment、environmental production dust collection equipment etc.The jiangsu pengfei group supply process design、civil construction、complete equipment、installation and trial run、technical services、the general contracting.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd supply complete equipments for active lime production line with capacity below 1200 ton per day. The active lime is widely used in steel production, Al2O3 production, Metal Mg production, calcium carbide and Power plant desulfurization paper production area. Active lime is an important auxiliary material in steel making industry. The using of active lime enhances the quality and capacity and lower down the loss and cost. It also stabilizes the operation. As proved in production, the using of active lime in steel making industry is very profitable. Recently years, the capacity of steel industry used lime increased by 40%. High quality lime with activity above 300ml increased from 27% to 29.5%.
Compound fertilizer production process can be divided into raw material dosing, raw material mixing, raw material pelleting, drying, cooling, separating, finish product coating and packing.
Introduced by Star River Industrial Development Limited Company from economic cooperation Zone in Heilongjiang Province, Jiangsu Pengfei Group undertakes the construction of 500000tons per year cement grinding station in Russia, About the whole project Jiangsu Pengfei Group is responsible for the process design, supplying the main equipments of grinding, separating, dust collecting, packing and other systems. In the contract it requires that the specific surface area can reach 320 m2/kg,Drying system for mixed materials is not established separately, adopts drying and grinding integration mill. This is the new challenge in product quality, production process or equipment structures. Practice shows that the drying and grinding ingratiation cement mill designed specially by Jiangsu Pengfei
Conversion roasting: spodumene concentrate is artificially sent from concentrate depot to bucket elevator to concentrate depot, and then added into lithium carbonate rotary kiln tail by disc feeder and screw feeder. The concentrate is dried by high temperature gas in the preheating section of kiln tail. The concentrate is converted into beta spodumene by crystalline transformation roasting at the temperature of about 1200 C in the calcination section, and transformed from alpha type (monoclinic system, density 3150 kg/m3) to beta type spodumene.( In tetragonal system, the density is 2400 kg/m3, i.e. roasting material. The conversion rate is about 98%.
In the meantime to develop large sized main equipment like rotary kiln,ball mill and etc,our company has also developed all different kinds of bucket elevator,belt conveyor,plate feeder which are advanced in technology,high capacity in conveying and lifting,low power consumption convenient in installation and in investment and instant effect in investment types of gates for customer to select.For detail information,please see Selection Collection of Cement Machinery compiled by our company.