Rotary kiln drives the cylinder body to rotate through transmission device and continues to be heated at high temperature to meet the heat transfer requirements of each stage of the clinker formation process and the requirements of heat, temperature and time for the formation of different minerals as well as physical and chemical reactions. The kiln body is composed of refractory bricks, castables and special steel cylinder body. Used in building material, metallurgy, chemical and environmental protection industries, for calcining cement, active lime; for nickel, iron, lithium, chromium and other non-ferrous minerals oxidation roasting and gold copper smelting; for calcining calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, coal oil; for coal clean dry distillation, coal eff
Preheater is mainly composed of cyclone barrel, air pipe, discharge pipe, decomposing furnace, wind lock valve and other parts. The high-temperature airflow in the kiln is used to adopt a multi-stage circulating suspension preheating method to fully exchange heat between the raw meal powder and the hot gas stream, complete the suspension preheating and partial decomposition of raw meals, preparing for the raw meals feeding and calcining in the kiln. The material is fully mixed with the hot gas flow in the kiln, shortening the length of rotary kiln, improving the heat exchange efficiency, and to achieve the purpose of improving the production efficiency of the rotary kiln system and reducing the heat consumption of the clinker burning.
Dryer is mainly composed of shell body, bull gear and pinion, reducer, motor, etc., and the barrel body is equipped with hot air duct, lifting plate and discharging device. The drum rotates drives the material to spirally move between the hot air duct and the lifting plate, and the material is dried. Dryer has a single cylinder, double cylinder and multi-cylinder drying forms, widely used in building material, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. It has the characteristics of smooth operation, good drying performance, large production capacity, continuous operation and so on.
Cooler is mainly composed of cylinder, transmission device, cooling device, sealing device and supporting roller device. High-temperature clinker enters into the cooling machine through feeding device, and the cooling machine rotates and drives the material to roll forward for full heat exchange with air. The material is cooled below the rated temperature after passing through rotary cylinder, thereby improving the quality of clinker and grindability. After cooling the material, the air is brought into rotary kiln as secondary circulation air, which improves the thermal efficiency of rotary kiln.
Rotary kiln control system is mainly composed of detection equipment, electrical control cabinet, PLC, frequency converter, field execution components. According to the production process requirements, PLC control, DCS control and other methods to achieve the centralized control of production equipments, complete the field data collection, unit start and stop, fault alarm, chain shutdown, state monitoring, emergency trip, load regulation and other functions.
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