If the unclosed cement plants want to open again next year, they will consider the price of electricity.
   According to the regulation of Hubei provincial development and revolutionary commission, since the January first nest year, the small cements plant with annual production lower than 0.2 million tons, will be offered the wash-out electricity price, 0.2 Yuan higher than normal price per degree, and the low electric quantity price policy will be cancelled
   Until next year, there will be 8 small-sized cement plants which have their Production Provision Certifications but with capacity lower than 0.2 million tons per year. The normal production small-size cement plant cost 1.5 million kw.h. If the price increase 0.2 Yuan for every kw.h, it will cost 0.3 million Yuan more for plant per month, 3.6 million Yuan per year. If the government implement wash-out electricity price, the 8 small-size cement plant will be shut down by themselves for the reason of too high cost for production.