Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. — Super large rotating support and gear hobbing manufacturing base
Jiangsu Pengfei Group has the production base with the mechanical processing capacity of 300,000t/y; the maximum rotary diameter and gear hobbing diameter are 12m as well as the diameter of the annealing furnace is 6.5m; the maximum indoor hoisting capacity is 400t, so the company can meet the production capacity of manufacturing the large rotating support and gear below φ12m as well as wind power generation yawing and pitch bearing.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. is located in Nantong Port which is in the north of Yangtze River delta Shanghai economic zone, the company mainly engages in the design, manufacturing, selling of complete set of equipments for the building material machinery, the environmental protection machinery, the metallurgical machinery and the chemical machinery industry, supplying the complete set of machinery and electrical equipment, installation and debugging as well as contracting the turn-key basis project and the relevant technical service. The goods will be shipped to focus all over the world by the million tons of seagoing vessel will through the international Nantong Port and Shanghai Port. Ningqi Railway and Xinchang Railway connect here, and the coastal Highway and Haili Highway also link here, at the same time No.204 and No. 328 national highway run through it, and Tongyang Canal and Tongyu Canal also run through it. Sutong Bridge makes here joins the Shanghai one hour metropolitan area. Because of its special harbor location advantages and manufacturing capacity, Pengfei Group has become the largest cement equipment manufacturing and exporting base in our national coastal areas.
The main super large processing equipments of Pengfei Group are 15 units of vertical lathe with the specification of φ12m, φ10m, φ8m, φ5m, φ3.2m and φ2.5m; 12 units of face lathe with the specification of φ7.3×20m, φ6.2×18m, φ5×15m; 9 units of gear hobbing machine with the specification of φ12m, φ10m, φ8m, φ5m and φ2m; T220 floor type boring machine and so on. The company has complete and advanced physical & chemical equipment, detection equipment and inspection equipment, so that they can effectively ensure the large-scale production of big scale, big diameter and big modulus heavy rotating support. Every year, Pengfei Group can produce 25000 sets of middle & small scale rotating support and 2000 sets of heavy duty rotating support, its integrated production capacity of rotating support honors the leading position in the same field of China.
Pengfei Group has its cement equipment manufacturing center, and its equipment products contain all of the professional equipments for the new dry-process cement production line with the daily capacity of 1000t-10000t. All of the main machines and equipments including the large-sized preheater, the rotary kiln, the vertical mill, the tube mill, the cooler, the crusher, the dust collector and so on are researched, developed and manufactured by Pengfei Group itself. The company has played the dual role as both the general contractor and the main equipments supplier. The large-sized cement equipments exported by Pengfei Group have acquired the advantages in competing with the large-sized cement equipments exported by occident suppliers; all those show Chinese technical equipments in cement industry have entered without exception beckons us in the world. Jiangsu Pengfei Group has gotten several construction orders of cement production line in Vietnam, Myanmar, Russia, Africa, etc early or late. By displaying the market competitive advantage of Chinese famous brand of Pengfei cement rotary kiln, the company should upgrade the optimization of the traditional industrial structure of the enterprise; promote the progress of internationalization; speed up the equipment development about the chemical, the metallurgical and the mining industries; speed up the scientific and technological achievement transformation; promote Pengfei to run business big and strong; as well as play the leading role in the building material machinery industry.


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