Pengfei Group makes an effort to create "Pengfei" Famous Chinese Trademark
Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. is the national leading enterprise of Chinese cement machinery, and she is one of the strong enterprise in China Building Material Machinery. She is award as attention Contract and respecting credit of enterprises in Jiangsu Province. Besides "Pengfei" trademark wins Jiangsu famous trademark, the products cement machinerymanufactured by Pengfei get so many honors, such as: Chinese famous brand, Jiangsu famous brand, Jiangsu trustworthy quality product, China Building Materials Industry fixed-point compliance products etc. Pengfei Group becomes the largest cement equipment manufacturing export base of China's coastal areas. To promote Pengfei cement machinery to be bigger and stronger, to make "Pengfei" brand a better and more fully expand the coverage of domestic and foreign markets and achieve its highest value, to get more approved from more customers, Pengfei Group is attempting to create “Pengfei” well-known trademark
Approved by Jiangsu commission for economic restructuring at the end of 1993, Jiangsu Pengfei Group is the province's first provincial-level enterprise groups of building material machinery industry, set up by Hai’an Building Material Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Plant. She was promoted to state-level enterprise group in 1995, and was awarded the rights to operate import and export enterprises by the State Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation in 1997, at the same time, she was listed as the fifteenth mechanical and electrical products export base enterprise. In 2002, through deepening the reform, in accordance with "Company Law" and listed company requirements, Jiangsu Pengfei Group establish a modern enterprise system that change group company to Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. approved by Su Zheng Fu (2002) No. 69 Document of People's Government of Jiangsu Province. Through [2008] No. 311 document approved by the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce in 2008, our company achieved "The People's Republic of China overseas project contracting business qualification certificate", and we decided to carry out building materials, environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical machinery complete sets of equipment design, manufacturing, sales , technical advisory services, mechanical and electrical equipment, complete supply, installation and commissioning, engineering general contracting; building materials production, sales and related technical services. Contract export of self- produced equipment related installation works and international bidding projects, and dispatch the laborers needed for overseas projects.
Our company is famous for its registered trademark “pengfei”, with registered capital of 51.3859 million yuan, total assets of 420 million, coverage of 250,000 square meters areas, fixed assets of 81.63 million yuan. We mainly manufacture 8000 TPD dry process rotary kiln cement machinery and complete sets of mechanical and electrical equipment, to implement the process design, equipment packages, installation and commissioning coordinated-process service. Under the leadership of chairman & general manager Mr. Wang Jia’an, our enterprise is continuously developing, to create brilliants one after another, and in 2007, we fulfill sales income of 1.068 billion yuan, profit and tax 58.1 million yuan.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd is the export base of cement machine and complete sets of cement equipment. It locates in the economic zone of Yangtze River Delta, near to the two international ports, Shanghai and Nantong port; it delivers goods to all over the world. The transportation is very convenient, as our company is near the 204 State Road and 328 State Road, as well as the Nanqi and Xinchang Railway. Along with the Sutong Bridge completed, Jiangsu Pengfei Group has blended into Shanghai One-hour Cityarea. By reason of his particular port location advantage and high manufacture capability, it becomes the largest cement equipment manufacture base of coastland in China.
As China's cement equipment technology and independent intellectual property rights of large complete sets of cement technology and equipment, engineering, general contracting services to the growing integration perfect, key technologies and major equipment made new progress has been made, 5,000 tons of cement production equipment design, construction, installation, EPC's ability to continue to expand, China's large-scale cement equipment and engineering services, strong export growth, increased international competitiveness. At present, the international community to adopt Chinese cement technology and equipment put into operation, under construction and has signed a contract set of cement production line a total of 107, China cement equipment and engineering contracts in the international market has reached more than 30% share of China's large-scale. And the new dry Cement technology has reached international standards.
Through policy incentives and technological innovation, Pengfei will continue to guide enterprises to turn innovative achievements into productive forces, establish and improve of this unit for the scientific and technological innovation so as to enhance the health and sustainable development of corporate. The Group’s overall manufacturing capacity and brand image have been greatly enhanced; Pengfei Group comes into the brilliant period of development in the domestic and foreign markets. In the evaluation of the trade association, Pengfei, lived up to expectations, got the Chinese brand name of cement rotary kiln in 2007. And Pengfei has given the great contributions for the brand-building industry machinery and building materials, established the brand image of the industry! Pengfei has also built high-quality enterprise platform for the expansion of international trade.
Pengfei group continuously propels the upgrade of equipments. It has successively bought and installed 8 sets φ10m、φ9m、φ5m、φ3.2m vertical lathes;12 sets φ7.3×20m、φ6.2×18m、φ5×15m floor lathes;6 sets φ10m、φ8m、φ5m hobbing machines;36 sets cranes of 200t、 150t、100t、75t and other specification and φ6m  annealing furnace, in addition it has built large-sized workshop which can carry the 200t lifting capacity and 36000㎡ standard factory. Pengfei has implemented various forms of union; established open and stable cooperation relationship with institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes, absorbed the international advanced scientific and technological achievements and formed technology advantages to expand and enrich Pengfei’s R&D center.
Pengfei Group has been active in organizing and strengthening the development of overseas market. It encourages and selects the excellent employees to enrich the marketing team and seize the international market. Pengfei obtains a number of cement production line construction orders in Bengal, Vietnam, Myanmar, Yemen, Iran, Brazil and Bolivia, Egypt, kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey; the annual total contract amount has reached 500 million Yuan. In the process of expanding the international market, Pengfei gets the great support and help of Sinoma of Nanjing, Tianjin and Chengdu cement institution, China Building Materials Group Hefei cement institution, CTIEC and some well-known scientific and research design department of cement industry in China and also establishes good cooperation with each other. In addition, it establishes close cooperation with China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation, CBMEC, Heavy Machine Co, Ltd, CATIC, Codelco Norte, Chinese Foreign Trade Cooperation Enterprise. It provides broad development space in overseas, especially in south-east Asia and Russia cement equipment markets. Through friendly cooperation with design organization, Manufacture Company, foreign trade corporation, Pengfei has largely improved competent ability and popularity of Chinese cement machinery in the international market.
Pengfei Group has cement equipment manufacturing center which owns the production scale to supply more than 10 tons equipment each year. Company products include equipment of 1000t/d~60000t/d new type dry process cement production line, including all large-sized rotary kiln, vertical mill, the tube mill, preheater, crusher, dust collecting equipment, classifier, elevator, etc. Equipment manufacturing industry of Pengfei Group gives full play to our powerful R&D platform, they are the perfect combination. Scientific research ability of company in manufacturing base is rapidly transformed to equipment products and is directly invested into the contracting project.
Large-sized preheater, rotary kilntube mill, cooling machine and some main equipments of Pengfei Group are all researched and developed and manufactured by ourselves. We have undertaken as project contractors and main equipment suppliers, realize the great leap of "going out". After the painstaking efforts of several generations, large-sized new type dry process cement equipment researched and manufactured by China have been complete exported, which is a historic leap of China cement industry. Large-sized cement equipment exported by Pengfei Group win advantages in the international competition, which fully shows that cement industry technology and equipment of China have stepped into the world.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group, which has adopted Qualification Certificate of the People's Republic of China for Undertaking International Contracting Business, is authorized to carry on the international contracting business by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC, including contracting international bidding project, supplying complete sets of electromechanical equipment, installation and debugging and also technical service of EPC. Pengfei Group has signed the contract about 1500t/d cement production line with Rwanda, the advance payment 11.2 million dollars has been delivered. This project include limestone crushing to clinker out of factory, electric automation design, equipment supply and installation supervision, debugging, personal training and some technical services. In addition, the complete sets of equipment of Russia Volga cement plant 2500t/d cement production line have been finished shipment at Shanghai Port.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group is mainly engaged in integration service of cement production line turnkey and other business such as project consult, exportation of complete set of equipment, construction and installation, production and supplying of equipment, debugging and running attention. After getting the signing contract and operation qualification of the external project turnkey, Pengfei Group is actively to start international project, building installation engineering of overseas cement, metallurgy and chemical machinery and international sealed bidding. The equipments and materials exportation and the required labor service personnel for the above projects are also taken into the plans.
Ever since a long time ago, Pengfei Group is targeting manufacturing world advanced productions, pursuing good product quality and corporate image insistently. As a result, Pengfei is widely acclaimed by society and becoming to the top. For “Pengfei” brand, 15 products with leading domestic level get through the technical evaluation of ministerial and provincial level. There are 22 national patent products, 6 national new products and 2 Jiangsu famous brand products in Pengfei Group. Besides these, Pengfei Group also have more than 20 awards such as “Taurus” award, gold medal for high and new technology exposition and gold medal for proprietary exposition. By means of establishing relatively prefect documents of quality assurance system inside enterprise and organizing and implementing effectively, Pengfei Group has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system by China import & export quality authentication center. At the same time, Pengfei Group is actualizing famous brand strategy actively by good quality and scale advantage. In recent 3 years, Pengfei Group invests nearly one million in advertisements and special reports in more than 10 industry newspapers and periodicals such as <China Building Materials Newspaper>, <Cement>, <Cement Leader>, <China Cement>, <Guangdong Building Materials> and <Sichuan Cement>. Other two wide scale medias are <New China Daily> and <National Train Schedule>. Nowadays, internet grows rapidly. Setting up brand image of Pengfei products by internet has become an important method to attract merchants. Pengfei Group popularizes its products on the famous nets like China Cement, Western Cement, Cement Market Condition, Sina, Yahoo and 163. All these populizations motivate market vitality, obtain the priority and victory for the market competition and widen the development space at home and aboard for Pengfei products. As a result, Pengfei has advocated something unique in Jiangsu building materials machinery industry, got more than 60% market share and confirmed as the leading enterprise by Haian County Party Committee and County Government.
The earliest registered time for “Pengfei” brand is in January 1987 and the certificate number is 276000. At that time, few products are verified. In 1996 and 1997, Pengfei Group applied to Trade Mark Office of SAIC for the trademark registrant’s name change and trademark renewal. Products and service have exceeded the range of verification. In 1997, Pengfei Group applied for registering “Pengfei” brand again and expanded its usable range. The certificate number is 1247528. In 2004, Pengfei Group applied for the trademark registrant’s name change and used it till now. On the basis of continuously expanding popularity for Pengfei Group and “Pengfei” brand products, Pengfei brand got higher fame and approved by the merchants at home and aboard. But the infringements to “Pengfei” trademark happened as follows:
1. Some private enterprises use “Pengfei” to carry out their operation and sales. They pretend to be Pengfei Group’s member and use “Pengfei” on their external publicity sample dates and business cards to sale their products and make the market disruption.
2. Some privateundertakings and individual business consider that “Pengfei” brand has high fame, so they make use of similar names to influence Pengfei’s image such as “Pengfei Firm”, “Pengfei Freight”, “Tengfei” and “Feipeng”.
3. Fewness companies rush to register “Pengfei” brand to cause approximative brand and damage Pengfei’s fame.
The predecessor of Pengfei Group was Haian building materials equipment factory. To expand the fame and exploit market, the corporation applied for “Pengfei” brand in January 1987. At that time, the products were cement auxiliary equipments like electric vibration machine, conveyor, stirring mill and ball forming mill. With the rapid development, the prime application of product range and company name can’t meet the development need. In 1994, Haian Building Materials Equipment factory was altered to national Haian Building Materials Equipment Manufacturing General Factory. And dozens of products such as vertical kiln, rotary kiln, mill and crusher were added to “Pengfei” brand products. The verification of these products settled developing direction of the factory. After several years’ unceasing development, The corporation has become the major industry which can supply complete set products for new type dry process rotary kiln manufacturer with daily production below 8000 ton. In the end of 2002, “Pengfei” brand was transferred to Jiangsu Pengfei Co., Ltd.
Pengfei Group will speedup the development and exploit market further. We should take enough advantage of the fame of “Pengfei” brand, consolidate and develope international market in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and Middle East, enhance export ability. At the same time, we should protect “Pengfei” brand according to intellectual property protection of WTO to form its own characterized economy and implement company tenet of “make famous brand product, establish image of Pengfei, struggle for first-class enterprise, enjoy tremendous popularity throughout the world”.