The left one month of this year, as the biggest building machinery enterprise in Jiangsu province, Pengfei group is sprinting and reaching production sale target. The chairman of the board Mr. Wang Jia’an says: “at the year-eng, we have confidences to make billing sale 1.5billion.
This year, Pengfei group emphasizes the implementation of total investment on the large rotary kiln project 2.8 billionat the present timeit has completed invest nearly 200 million Yuan, and total investment will be completed by the end of the next year. This project construction will double Pengfei’s working ability with ten thousand tons/T production ability of kiln. The north plant of Pengfei is a developing new area, it occupied 300 acreage; through 2 years construction, 60000m2 plant has been built and put into practice, some of them, the large-scale equipped workshops’ maximum crane capacity is 400 tons, total new added equipment are 60 sets. Due to the increasing investment, now the productive tasks of Pengfei group are full and both production and marketing thrive.
Pengfei Group aims at international standards, efforts to build an international brand. To further improve the product appearance image, our group has recently established large shot blasting machine and coating equipment system, mainly used for large steel castings, cast iron, and steel plate, shot blasting treatment for the surface of sheet weldment. After the parts being shot blasting treated, its surface will cause stress, which will increase the ability of deformation and fracture resistance, so it will increase fatigue strength and make product appearance shape more perfect to achieve international most advanced level.
Pengfei also put forth effort to make the super-large rotary support and hobbing manufacturing base. Cement equipment manufacturing centre and equipping products of the Group cover entire professional equipment for new dry process cement production line, large-sized preheater, rotary kilntube mill, vertical mill, cooler, crusher, dust collector and other main equipments researched and developed and then manufactured by ourselves, and meanwhile the Group has been charged with dual role of project contracting and supplier of the main equipment. At present, there is single-row ball rotary support, two-row ball rotary support, three-row ball rotary support, cross-rolling rotary support and double row ball rotary support, these kinds of the rotary support are widely used in engineering machinery, construction machinery, metallurgy machinery, shipping and port machinery, environmental protection light machinery, petrochemical machinery, filling machinery, utility vehicles, equipments for war industry and other industries. The models of the products includes the various standard and non standard from 195mm to 3550mm. the  products has covered the whole nation and have exported into United States, Germany, India, Australia, Singapore, Spain and other countries.
The purpose of our company is not only to make itself complete whole year’s task, but also to spur relevant enterprise to sprint goal together. The development of Pengfei Group drives the development of reducer, motor, standard parts, liner, steels, casting, electronic control, cement machinery auxiliary equipment, construction and other 20 large and medium sized coordination enterprise. Under the leadership of Pengfei Group, by professional division, complementing each other's advantages, benefit-sharing, and proper coordination, we have formed One-stop building materials mechanical characteristics plate economy of process design, equipment packages, installation and commissioning. Mr. Wang Jia’an says ‘the relevant accessory industries driven by us must achieve sales targets of 2 billion this year.
All of Pengfei’s people are full of ambitions. At present, Pengfei Group is adjusting production capacity structure, improving the technological content of equipment and realizing the upgrading of industries. The group takes developing million ton cement kiln and creating famous trademark of China as a chance, creating the first-class product and leading Chinese cement machinery manufacturing industry by increasing self-directed innovation and pursuing good quality. Director Wang Jia’an confidently indicated: “we should develop into the production capacity of selling 5 billion, create greater glories of Pengfei Group, try hard to be the vanguard of Chinese building material machinery industry and make Pengfei Group to be the flagship of Chinese building material machinery industry.”


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