Jia’an Wang, President of Pengfei Group Took Part in the Year Awards Ceremony
In the evening of Mar. 30th of 2010, “Spring of Three Type Famous – Famous Enterprise, Famous Products, Famous People” Awards Ceremony, which was presented by Publicity Department of the CPC Handan Municipal Committee and the Peoples Development, Cultural Affairs Bureau, The Radio Dept, BPF and Nantong Daily and sponsored by Nantong Branch of SPBD, was hold in Genggu Theatre by Nantong Government. While16 leaders coming from different industries of private economy are individually elected Luminary & Man of the Year. Leaders of Nantong City - Yiming Luo, David Ding, etc. present the award for these excellent presidents of private enterprises. And our president Jia’an Wang was elected for the Man of the Year and received awards in “3 Famous” Year Award Ceremony.
The Year Awards Ceremony of “Famous Enterprise, Famous Product, and Famous People” has been held for 4th times until this year. However, this time highlighted the topic of “Fighting for chance during worldwide economic crisis; Ascending Higher in the difficulties”, majorly award the president of Private Enterprise who has special achievement and contribution. In 2009, Nantong Private Enterprises struggled for breaking out the difficult environment, implemented the goals of maintaining first development speed, 2nd of key indicators of Individual industrial & commercial enterprises and Private Enterprises in Jiangsu Province, 3 points increasing of grass product and 40 billion new increasing of private value. Until the end of last year, increasing value of Private Enterprises took up 51% of the total value, the taxes took up 60.7%, and meanwhile private investment took up 75% of social fixed assets. As it took up over a half percent of three key indicators, private enterprise has become the main support for economic development of Nantong City.
   The ceremony last over 2 hours, which did Short Video of People, On-site Interview, Art Show, etc in turn during this time. Due to the Brilliant ideas and humorous reply of on-site honored gusts, during the crushing and communication of thoughts, the on-site atmosphere was pushed to higher level gradually. Former vice chairman of the National Federation of the CPPCC, vice secretary of National Committee Deputy, President of China Private Economy Research Association, special distinguished guest of the State Council made excellent comments on Nantong Private Economy and Entrepreneurs.
President Jia’an Wang expressed that we felt the care and importance of private enterprises from municipal government by taking part in activities just like this, while this is the chance for us to learn from other awarded entrepreneurs of private enterprises, and we believe the economical environment of Nantong Private Enterprises would be better and better.
President Jia’an Wang thanks municipal government for their concerns about Pengfei Group and himself. As the leading enterprise of internationalized of Chinese cement equipments, Pengfei Group has been the second of national cement industry, at the same time, Pengfei Trademark was affirmed to be Chinese Famous Trademark in 2007 after gaining the title of Chinese Famous Product in 2007, which is epitome of team-work of Pengfei Employees. At last, President Jia’an Wang expressed that we would rise rapidly for the goal of International Pengfei, overtake international competitors, and create larger success for country, society and enterprise.