Hai'an make effort to foster tectonic plate economy of equipment manufacturing 
Promoting Meeting of Hai' an fostering tectonic plate economy of equipment manufacturing was held on Apr. 1st and leaders of Shushan Zhang, Xiaoming Shan, Jinji Sun, Youluan Tian & Zhuping Cai attended the meeting. During Jan. to Feb. sales revenue of equipment manufacturing industry has reached RMB 5.52billion, than the first half of the year grows 25.73%, taking up 14.23% of annual plan. Fostering department of each tectonic plate focused on enterprise-establishing & fostering leading enterprises communicating working condition of first quarter and clearing working measures for next step. Secretary of country committee & the country standing committees Shushan Zhang & vice secretary of country committee & the head of country Xiaoming Shan made an important speech requesting each fostering departments & enterprises to deepen acknowledge of fostering industry & understand of industries, being familiar with market quota of fostering industries, making efforts to hundred million level industrial clustering, highlighting key points of each plate, holding enterprise-establishing, griping key points & seeking breakthrough.
Hai’an equipment manufacturing industry implemented increasing of quantities, overflying of quality, integrative coordination between quantity & quality, scale & structure and speed & benefits. At present, there are 131 the scaled equipment manufacturing enterprises, among of them, there are 9 enterprises whose sales account exceeds 1000 million, 5 enterprises exceeding 5000 million and 2 enterprises exceeding 1 billion. Meanwhile sales revenue in 2009 is RMB 29.82 billion, whose sales and taxes occupying 43% & 55% of that of scaled enterprises. Equipment manufacturing has become support foundation of Hai’an new type industry base.
Based on highlighted advantage & developing potential, Hai’an equipment manufacturing industry has gained a lot. 1st class product of Pengfei Group large scale cement rotary kiln, etc. has been listed on protects of important scientific achievement conversion & gained Chinese Top Brand. At present, equipment manufacturing industries has 18 provincial level enterprises technical centers, 6 provincial project research center & 2pcs national project research centers. Energetically promoted characteristic area construction of advanced equipment manufacturing industry, make equipment manufacturing enterprises forming characteristic plate and clustering advantages so that increase competition. Eastern Industrial Area, Hai’an Industrial Area, Qutang Industrial Area & Libao Industrial Area has formed forging press mechanical industrial park, building material industrial park & electrical equipment, elevator spare parts & new material industrial park gradually. In order to speed up the development of equipment manufacturing enterprises, Hai’an building material production has formed pattern with highlighted main machine advantages, complete types of auxiliary machineries based on main body of leading enterprises & dependent of scaled enterprises, mutual matching, mutual promoting & competing development.  Hai’an country committee & government make scientific conclusion , correct guidance to enterprises pursuing building material machine production, make integration on abundant advantages of building material machine product, reasonable configure different resources, scientifically program, reasonable lead, policy promote, utmost release power of system & framework, promote building material machine plate to develop in the direction of energy-saving & environmental protection. Meanwhile Pengfei Group has driven the development of gearbox, motor, standard parts, liner, steel plate, cast parts, electrical control, auxiliary machines of cement machinery, building operation, etc. over 20pcs large & medium scale matching & cooperating enterprises. On Apr. of 2009, with the support of association of country association of industry and commerce, set up Dagong Building Material Equipment Manufacturing Chamber of Commerce, meanwhile set up commercial party committee of commerce chamber supplying good conditions & powerful organization guarantee for increasing developing level of cement machinery industry & integrative competition.
Pengfei Group actively try to create “Jiangsu Building Material Equipment Manufacturing Foundation” based on gaining the largest cement machinery manufacturing & exporting base in Chinese coastal areas, form building material equipment industrial concentrative area depending on brand & researching carrier construction, upgrading core competition of the enterprise. Expound leading of party committee of commerce chamber, cohesive force & absorption, integrate circumjacent resources, and implement clustering development of enterprises. By self expansion & enterprise-establishing of Pengfei Group, further enlarge effective investment, largely improve basic matching & utilize informationize level. Taking Pengfei Group as core and Pengfei Building Material, Nantong Xinye, Pengfei Casting, Tianpeng Mechanical & Electrical, Xinpeng Mechanical & Electrial, Feipeng Equipment, Feiyue Driving, Xinye Automation, Hengfa Rolling Machine, Jinpeng Machinery as foundation, Pengfei Group is important key enterprise of national building material machinery, leading enterprise of Hai’an equipment manufacturing industry, the group seriously carried out the sprit of tectonic plate economy fostering meeting held by country committee & country government, full force promote building material machinery plate to develop in direction of scale, brand & clustering, make characteristic industrial advantages larger and more powerful. The group added RMB 1200 million to implement the developing of high efficiency pre-grinding technical equipment industrial protect for this year based on the finishing expanding project of 8000tpd new type dry process cement machinery & full set equipments.  And this project has expanded 4 hectare ground, 1600square meters of new production workshop, purchasing boring lathe, bridge type crane & plasma cutting machine, the key point is developing high efficiency pre-grinding technical equipment for metallurgical, mining, building material industries which could reach the target of energy saving, low exhaustion, high efficiency grinding capacity and low consumption.  Meanwhile focus on the hard problems of vertical pre-grinding equipment, super-fine crushing technology and abrasive technology of roller surface. After the protect is built, estimated new increasing sales account will be RMB 3000 million, profit tax will be RMB 32 million which will further fix the leading advantages of the group in building material machinery industry.
After meeting, members who attended the meeting visited Pengfei Group together with 6 local sites for protects in new building material equipment working shops.