Jiangsu Pengfei Focus on Four Basics Promoting Chinese Famous Brand
Better brand effect is an important factor of Jiangsu Pengfei Factor for enlarging sales market. Pengfei Group make a thought of “scale construction & brand promoting” surrounding the center of increasing brand awareness, in order to implement famous brand strategy, we start from the following four sides: First, promoted products from all position in internet, and enlarged advertising coverage. Promoted products through Yahoo, Google, Alibaba International Platform, etc., so visitors found out the uploaded information and left message to us meanwhile some foreign customers know our products through website, then they contact us directly for purchasing to avoid some unnecessary risks and investment, all of these could bring us more chances for business. Second is variety advertising method. Promoted advertisings on Chinese Building Material Newspaper, China News Daily, Nantong Daily, Hai’an Daily & Cement Project, New Century Cement Guide Newspaper & Chinese Cement Net for 26 times, employed special advertising company to make poster design and beautiful exhibition booth, took part in 2008 Chinese International CEMENTTECH in Shanghai and Xinjiang Cement Equipment Exhibition and enlarged our brand awareness.  Third is series products, except rotary kiln and mill, we made focus on new products developing & researching, and we have developed Φ1400×800 rolling machine & V300 separator, etc. through gradual efforts.  Fourth is variety marketing policy. Implement the operating strategy of turnkey project of international project and tendering & bidding for local project, widen sales methods and occupy the decision occasion.
The life of famous brand is quality. In order to ensure quality of Pengfei Products – Chinese Famous Product, we implement all position quality-control and management; make a complete quality system from designing, manufacturing, testing and sales to services. Ensure designing quality, material quality, manufacturing quality, assembling quality, testing quality and service quality forming an interrelated and effective quality grantee system. Among this, manufacturing quality is a central part for keeping quality of famous brand, so during production we request to keep improving and create remarkable quality by fine processing. Seriously mange quality of products, test each part of the whole process and try to finish treating problems before leaving the factory. Through quality management strategy improve competition in the market and treat customers’ satisfactory as our Permanent goal. 
The advantage of famous brand is scale. Scale construction is the support of famous brand development, scale merit is the first driving force of famous brand, famous brand development will lack of economic guarantee without support of scale merit. Pengfei Group increase investment of basic infrastructure, enlarge production scale, improve concentration ratio of the industry, implement scale merit, form the ability of undertaking turnkey project and make Pengfei larger and stronger according to the requirements of scale construction.
Famous brand is basic on talented people. Talented people are the intelligent basic of famous brand development. No first class talented people, no first class products. Pengfei Group insist on the policy of “Find, Choose, Train, Employ, Keep the Talented People” forming a strong and well educated young staff, focus on figuring out the demand of talented people in development. In 2008, we employed 33 talented people and 6 of them could speak foreign language and deal with export business which strengthens ability of talented people of Pengfei Group.
Market of famous brand is expanding. Market expanding is the spirit thunder & extending. With same products, the one better expands the market; they could occupy the firststrike of development.  In 2008, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd got better achievement of sales and total sales amount was almost RMB 1.8 billion, RMB 700 million of them was sales amount of international project and over USD 60 million was exported by us. In international and national market, great production and sales effectively quickened the development of Pengfei Group.