Meeting of Mechanical Branch Members of Jiangsu Building Material Association are set up in Hai'an on May 22nd of 2010. Representatives from over 80 enterprises of building material mechanical industry came together, learn from each other and seek common development.
President of Chinese Building Material Mechanical Association Fang Fang, Secretary-general of Chinese Building Material Mechanical Association Yumin Wang, Council Chiarman of Jiangsu Building Material Association Changlan Nie, Director of Jiangsu Creative Technology Service Center Xiaoming, Yu, Hai'an Country & Standing Committee Jinji Sun, Executive President Assistant of Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd Meijiang Zhao, General Manager of Jiangsu Hantian Cement Co., Ltd Chengwang Zhang and so on attended this meeting. Member Repersentatives attending this meeting mainly comes from key enterprises of Jiangsu Building Material Machinery and matching enterprises, they are: Pengfei Group, Haijian Group, Jiangse Kexing, Nanjing Xuanli, Xuzhou Shiming, Najing Jiantong, Jiangsu Ruitai and Feipeng, Yawei, Hehai, Aopu, Tiangong, Tianpeng, Guize, Shuangxing, Xinye, Jinpeng of Hai'an Country, etc.
President of Chinese Building Material Industrial Association Fang Fang attended the meeting and had an important speech making requests on scale development of enterprises, brand construction, standards making & international competition. Leaders & specialists from relevant departments & industrial association of our province analyzed & discussed on questions of the current industry developing trendy and technical innovation; China Building Material Newspaper, Hai'an TV, etc. made a tracking interview.
At the meeting, the council chairman of Jiangsu Building Material Industrial Association Changlang Nie made a working report, which shows that in the background of international economic crisis in 2009, Jiangsu Building Material Industry keep a good developing tendency, meanwhile the industry increased accumulation RMB 174.71 billion an increase of 18.1%, sales amount reached RMB171.34 billion an increase of 17.6%, and implemented profit & tax RMB 23.08 billion an increase of 19.1, among this, production of cement equipment is 1.72 million tons an increase of 24.2%, all of these are higher than national average increasing. Technical innovation brought up the progress of building material machinery industry in the whole provinces, promoted adjustment of building material industry structure. Strength of entire industry and core competition has increased obviously and gained batch important achievements: such as new type dry process cement technical level has increased a lot, energy-saving sintering process equipments of precalcinator, large scale raw material homogenization equipment, energy-saving grinding equipment & environment protection equipment; almost finished the localization of technical equipment of cement production line with capacity of 10000tpd.  Formed building material machinery designing & manufacturing enterprises with international competition and evaluated influence of building material machinery industry of Jiangsu Province gradually.
President of Pengfei Group Jia'an Wang made a speech of "enhance cooperation between member enterprises, promote healthy development of the industry". He propounded striving to develop technical equipments with lower power consumption & pollutants discharging, promoted researching & developing of week twelve technology & equipments, moved around improving product quality, implementing upgrading of building material equipment manufacturing industry, etc. to fix the industry developing tendency, made efforts to make the branch to be a platform for communication with government, set up the platform promoting industrial scientific progress & communication together with platform enhancing cooperation between member enterprises and platform promoting industrial brand.  
In the meeting, new leaders of Jiangsu Building Material Industry Association have been elected. President: Jia'an Wang; Vice Council Chairman: Xiaowei Du, Jinqiu Tong, Vice President: Zhiqiang Wang, Xuegong Chen, Shuya Chen, Zhengyi Gu, Zhongxin Hua, Qiangfu, Xuehua Zhang, Pingcheng Liu, Ruiyi Wu, Yawei Han, Wei Wei, Jiong Yao, Kaiming Gu, Xinfa Wan, Jin Xia, Guoxun Gu, Kui Chen, Shouyu Sun, Ping Yu; Secretary General: Rong'an Zhou, Vice Secretary General: Qinguo Sun.
Finally, in the meeting, last working report and 2010 working schedule has been approved meanwhile discussed & approved revision on membership fees & utilized management solution, etc. After meeting, all representatives of this meeting visited Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd.


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