There are large breakthrough on nickel metal production technology in China and we have proprietary intellectual property rights, after laterite nickel ore forging, it will produce large-quantity nickel pig iron, this technology has been used for production and application area quickly and successful case are: Guangdong Guangqing, Fujian Dingxin, Zhejiang Qingshan, Shandong Linyi. President of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd, Jia’an Wang cooperated with President of Guangdong Guangqing Metal Scientific Co., Ltd Miao Xia in Fujian Province and signed 4 sets/8pcs rotary kiln for nickel calcination & restoration after Fujian Nickel Calcination & Restoration project, total contral amount is over RMB 70,000,000 which utilizes rotary kiln for nickel calcination & restoration to produce nickel pig iron.
Large-scale rotary kiln for nickel calcination & restoration is one of key equipment of laterite nickel ore forging process flow and the process flow of nickel pig iron project is: mineral- mineral + quicklime - dehydration - sintering - sintering machine, cooling & crushing - mineral sintering & crushing + limestone + coke - sintering in blast furnace - casting - casting & sizing & packing, product is nickel iron (nickel content is 4%~7%). Mineral enter into rotary kiln after drying, remove water in surface of mineral and water of crystallization when heating to 800Centi-degree inside of rotary kiln, partly restore iron, nickel and cobalt oxide of mineral. Calcination method and process are as follows:
Raw material laterite nickel ore continuously enter into rotary kiln after grinding and mixing together with carboniferous material and flux limestone, the thermal current flow produced during material and coal burning inside of kiln counter flow and have forging, drying, dehydration, restoration and metal growing, nickel metal will be produced inside of kiln at half-smelting condition. Burned material clinker discharged from rotary kiln, then it will be crushed and grinded and separate restored nickel iron alloy with reelect and magnetic separator. Separated nickel iron alloy present shaly sand grain with 2-3 mm diameter together with 1-2% slag, its chemical composition is C0.1%, Ni18-22%, S0.45%, P0.015%. This product will be suitable for steel-making process whatever the sulfur content is, as steel making has good desulfuration capacity. Shaly sand grain is good to add material continuously and quickly dissolution as coolant during steel-making process.   
Production process of rotary kiln, recovery of nickel & iron is quite high which is over 90%, process of rotary kiln has following characteristics, compared to blast furnace process or electrtc furnace process:
(1)Main energy source of calcination is coal instead of expensive coke or electricity power.
(2)Self-choice of raw material, it could be each kind of laterite nicke mineral in southeast asia.
(3)The produced high nickel iron quality is high (including about 20% of Ni, which could be directly used for stainless steel production as raw material.
(4)It could be used for coolant for steel-making.
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