President Renwei Zhang delegation visit Jiangsu Pengfei Group for investigation and inspection

Aug. 24th, President Renwei Zhang delegation visit Jiangsu Pengfei New Workshop whose investment is RMB 280,000,000 with the companion of president Jia'an Wang, seriously listened to the report of Jia'an Wang and confirmed that our group caught up with the developing chance of adjustment of Chinese cement industry, strategically position large-scale kiln & mill construction and grown up to national largest kiln & mill manufacturing enterprise. Renwei Zhang indicated that: We, Jiangsu Pengfei Group has become professional kiln & mill production base facing local & foreign raw material industry after years' struggle and strategic incubation.
After visiting new workshop of Pengfei group, President Zhang delegation compared to the conditions that they visited here three years agao, they have seen our quick development for these years and adequately confirmed our development, meanwhile they give lots of good suggestion for further development: 
Firstly we suggest to make kiln & mill main industry larger & stronger, meanwhile we should inspect developing trends of each industries, make relevant development strategy, and do better on main industry, pay attention to energy-saving, reduce power consumption, expand outline developing space of kiln & mill, such as metallurgy, electricity, rubbish burning furnace, etc. industries, make enterprise to stand on top of the industry. Others, adequately utilize China Top Brand China Famous Brand which we have owned, gradually improve brand construction, focus on technical, quality & service, try to make Pengfei as industrial enterprise with hundred years history, make our brand popular in the world. Brand developing is to gradually create actual strength. Creation is motive power of enterprise development, management creation, science creation, quality creation and service creation, learn from FLS & Hamburg of German International company, learn their technology, manufacturing quality together with software information, gradually improve international image of enterprise, make the enterprise win most quota of the market meanwhile gradually expand international market occupying some space in international market. At last, President Zhang request Pengfei Group as president enterprise of Jiangsu Building Material Machinery Association, and you should be big better. Adequately utilizes national industrial policies with more connection and cooperation, lead peoples to gradually create and develop, lead stronger companies to combine to be much stronger one, utilize capital operation and listed etc. methods, gradually expand the scale and implement common development. Make strong & large province for Jiangsu Building Material Machinery popular in the world.
At last, President Zhang delegations wish Pengfei Group to develop into a wider space with the leading of President Jia'an Wang and the developing step will be larger and firmer.
The leaders accompany President Zhang to make the investigation are: Director of Scientific Department of China Building Material Industry Combination Qingjie Zhou, Vice director of the offices Xingshou Sun; President of China Building Material Machinery Association Fang Fang, Secretary-general Yumin Wang, Vice president & secretary-general of China Cement Association Xiangzhong Sun, President of Jiangsu Building Material Industry Association Changlan Nie, Vice president Xiaowei Du, etc.