Announcement of Boot in the 108 China Export Commodities Fair
Dear Distinguished customers:
At present worldwide competition is intense, enterprises are trying to expand their market quota & scope. Guangzhou Trade Fair is the second large exhibition in the world with biggest scope in Asia, national large foreign trade companies & factories treat that taking part in Guangzhou Trade Fair as the most important assignment. Some national enterprises as export quota couldn't reach the standards, they couldn't take part in Guangzhou Trade Fair, and thus they will lose lots of foreign customers & orders. Jiangsu Pengfei Group chooses to display new products in Guangzhou Trade Fair to pave the way for future marketing. Meanwhile, we expect to strengthen the cooperation with more foreign trade companies and know market information in time via touching. Lots of customers via exhibition could directly understand different factories with different products, different functions and prices to choose and purchase suitable products.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group mainly take part in manufacturing complete set of building material, environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical machineries, supplying full set of equipments, erection, debugging & relevant technical services. Our company is the leading enterprise in China Cement Machinery and it is export base of complete set of large-scale cement equipments. Our company is 350,000 square meters, total assets is 860,000,000, technical engineers of project is over 450 which could be divided into mechanical, electrical, casting, erection, new type building material, etc. 6 subsidiaries, we own machinery equipments manufacturing base with annual capacity of 300,000tons, rotary, hobbing processing diameter could be 10m, annealing furnace is 6.5m, largest lifting capacity is 400t, which could meet the requirements of manufacturing less than 6m rotary kiln and ball mill. And we have the producing capacity and project turnkey capacity of main equipments with daily capacity of 1500t, 2500t, 3000t, 6000t, 8000t & 10000t. Pengfei Group main products are large-scale preheater, rotary kilntube millvertical mill, cooler and etc. main equipments, which is all self-developing & manufacturing and has gained authority of signing contract & management,contract building erection project & international sealed bidding of foreign cement, metallurgy, chemical machinery equipments, dispatch employees to foreign countries to implement above foreign projects, Jiangsu Pengfei Group supply full-process technical consultation & turnkey project service for customers from earlier stage demonstration via our technical strength and familiar with complete set of cement machinery equipments, mainly include designing, civil construction, manufacturing, transportation, erection, debugging, trial production and maintenance. And we have implemented 5 cement turnkey projects except civil construction, especially Burma MAX, MCI, YCDC cement plant, 2 cement production line for Russia & Azerbaijan.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group display our products, make acquaintance with customers via Guangzhou Trade Fair, make advertisement via exhibition layout, new product & new technology, enlarge effects on customers, build up new good enterprise image. Know competitors & market quotation; build up leading enterprise image of China Cement Machinery and public praise in craft brothers. Warmly welcome to visit our booth in the 108 China Export Commodities Fair, the details are as follows:
Booth No.: Large-scale Machinery & Equipment Exhibition Area  
                    - Booth: 39-40 of Hall 1.1 (1.1Y39  1.1Y40)
Time:        Oct. 15th, 2010 - Oct. 19th, 2010
Address:   No. 380, Mid-way of Yuejiang Road, Zhuhai Area, Guangzhou, China
Look forward to your visit!


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