Pluck at the string of "Innovation"
--Record Jiangsu Pengfei Group's cement industry structure adjustment
Issue time: Sept. 27th, 2010   Author: Zhu Bo  Zhao Ailing  Ding Xiaojun
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Transformation and upgrade in Hai'an, Pengfei is a typical.
 In threatening last year, the thriving of cement industry is out of Jia'an Wang's imagination.
4000 billion investments pull the cement needs; push the total output of the entire industry into a high level of 1.65 billion tons in history.
The output value break through 2 billion RMB, totally 106 pcs rotary kiln, 322pcs tube mill and we have become the special manufacturer with largest production on kiln and mill. The achievement of Jiangsu Pengfei Group managed by Jia'an Wang is so good that somebody seems envious; meanwhile hundreds of interrelated enterprises who match for Pengfei also beam with smiles.
But, complying that our the policy controlling cement output gross is frapped, Chinese cement consuming output may touch the highest in 3 to 5 years.Concerning what should such as large group company located in cement machinery equipments manufacturing do and where should this national Hai'an Building Material Equipment Industry Manufacturing Base go, Jia'an has though a lot.
"Before the end of 2012, eliminating cement mechanical vertical kiln production line with a kiln whose diameter is less than 3.0m, cement dry process hollow kiln(except those for high alumina cement production) with a diameter less than 2.5m, cement wet process kiln production line (except those treating mud and carbide mud residue), cement mill with diameter less than 3.0m (Except those for special cement production) and cement earth kiln and normal vertical kiln, etc. behindhand production." According to this standard, it is estimated that 100 million tons behindhand production will be eliminated in 3 years.
"If it happens like this, the transformation direction of eliminating behindhand production, improve cement quality, increase the clinker content in cement is the important scientific innovation in past years." Jia'an Wang said.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group cooperated with Southeast University and Yancheng Institute of Technology on key energy-saving technology and equipments of large-scale cement calcination, through large-scale cement calcination equipment, high efficiency low resistance cyclone preheater technology, energy saving & environmental protection pre-calciner burning household garbage technology, high rigid liner technology of kiln body, recovery of waste heat of waste air technology and large-scale rotary kiln intelligent controlling technology, etc. energy-saving technology integrated optimizing which could reduce coal consumption for per ton cement clinker to 104 kg standard coal, per ton burned cement clinker will need to consume 200kg household garbage in the city which could achieve a better energy-saving effect.
Energy saving technology of cement clinker calcination is the most important point in this traditional industry improvement and upgrading. According to statistic, only for this project, Jiangsu Pengfei Group has gained 2 invention patents, 2 production, teaching and research permission patent meanwhile we have applied 2 invention patent and 6 practical new type patent for approval.
The new generation production of our company, Pengfei Ball Mill production has break through 230pcs in 2009 which occupying large quota of national ball mill market and this data is estimated to exceed 400pcs.
Developing international market is another policy in response which is found by Jia'an Wang, fast-developing cement market of Mid-east, Africa, South America all have very optimistic foreground.
In 2008, Jiangsu Pengfei Group successfully signed the contract of 1500tpd cement production line with CIMERWA Company in Rwanda. Hereafter, Jiangsu Pengfei Group also implemented the turnkey project of 2500tpd cement production line of Russia Volga Cement Plant.
In recent years, Pengfei Group has undertaken main machinery production of 3000tpd cement production line for Pakistan from Hefei Institute; 8 enterprises' 12 cement rotary kiln production line in Myanmar, Vietnam Kaisa Cement Plant, Shanluo Cement Plant, Bangladesh Roupala Cement Plant, Bangladesh Wotema Cement Plant, Bangladesh East cement Plant, etc. series projects, products has been sold to Germany, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, South Africa, etc. over 30 countries and areas.
Pluck at the string of "Innovation", occupy market highland of market of cement industry structure adjustment by scientific innovation, Jia'an Wang is very confident on the future of Jiangsu Pengfei Group. "Oversea sales has occupied over 40% of total output, output value has exceeded 5 billion." Jia'an Wang said with smiling. (Zhu Bo, Zhao Ailing, Ding Xiaojun)


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