Pengfei Group Actively Promote High Fine Coal Powder Vertical Mill
Complying with the output increasing of new type dry process cement production line, how to utilize vertical mill for blind coal and low level coal making becomes an important issue for technical research of new type dry process production. Coal is main fuel of our cement industry while the fineness of coal powder largely affects the burning process of coal, fine coal powder is good for improving the burning activity of coal and make coal adequately burned and the purpose of coal powder production is to make coal quickly burned. Thus, the blind coal with worse activity and faulty coal is finely grinded than black coal. This means the coal with worse reaction activity, the fineness of outlet of mill should be finer. The fineness of high quality black coal at inlet of kiln should be controlled as 80micrometer, while moisture should be less than 1%, fineness of black coal should be controlled to be less than 6%. Concerning the blind coal with 3%-8% volatile content, the fineness at outlet of mill should be controlled as 80micrometer. Coal mill should dry the raw coal with certain moisture to grind into the requested fineness. In order to reach the purpose of energy saving & exhaustion reduction, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd intensively develops high-fine vertical mill which is specially used for coal powder manufacturing, it has broken up the traditional though - only utilizes ball mill for blind coal powder manufacturing, which is formed in long time cement industry development.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd actively promotes high-fine coal powder vertical mill, utilizes the technology of increasing the rotating speed of abrasive disk and improving the pressure of roller which has decreased the outflow rate of material, and it is good for the steady of material layer on abrasive disk; while grinding the blind coal and low quality coal, the operation is stable and mechanical efficiency is higher; extended roller bearing utilizes sealing type, making the relative moving section of roller shaft and transparent cover section insulated from the dust gas inside chamber of mill, while sealing is reliable, structure is simple, utilizes GFCI, dynamic, static combined separator, improving efficiency of separating and ensuring the fineness of products.
Cement demand pulled by 4000 billion investment push our total cement output into a high level of 1.65 billion ton in the history. In 2009, output value of Jiangsu Pengfei Group has broken up 2 billion Yuan, totally produced 106pcs rotary kiln, 322pcs tube mill, 16pcs vertical mill which has become the professional manufacturing with maximum kiln & mill production. Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd steered by Jia'an Wang and hundreds of supporting enterprises beam with smiles.
In 2010, Output of Chinese mineral machinery has occupied 50% of the total output of the world, and Chinese market exceeding North America market becomes the area selling max. mineral machineries in the world. The production and demand of mineral machinery in the world is transferring to China, each large manufacturers set up branches in China and produce main spare parts in China.


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