Today, Jiangsu Pengfei has exported a batch of Indonesian nickel ore rotary kiln to the Fengshan Port for shipment. This shipment is part of the 18 nickel ore equipments invested by Deron Nickel in Indonesia.  becoming the largest nickel project investor in Indonesia.
In addition to its application in the cement industry, the rotary kiln produced by Pengfei has taken the lead in innovation and expansion of non-ferrous metals such as lime, high-phosphorus, nickel, chromium, iron and lithium. The coal is highly clean and upgraded, coal dry distillation, shale oil extraction, Titanium dioxide, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, solid waste, hazardous waste, garbage, sludge incineration and other building materials, metallurgy, chemical, environmental protection applications. More than 70% of the rotary kiln is used in industries other than cement. It is precisely because of the pre-layout and self-transformation before the national “de-capacity” policy, so the market contraction capacity changes rapidly, Pengfei is not affected much.

At present, Pengfei Group has four production bases, more than 200,000 square meters of modern equipment manufacturing plant, 180 sets of special processing equipment such as 13-meter gear hobbing machine, 13-meter vertical car and 7.2-meter floor lathe. It has mass production of large rotary kiln and grinding equipment. The manufacturing capacity has an annual comprehensive production capacity of 300,000 tons.

This year, Pengfei Group has newly signed 10 sets of Indonesian nickel ore rotary kiln, with a single contract amount of 130 million yuan. Nowadays, the company's products have been exported to more than 60 countries including Germany, Mongolia, Indonesia and Algeria, including 24 countries along the “Belt and Road”,The project general contracting project has maintained growth for 6 consecutive years, successfully driving China. The design, construction, production capacity, equipment and technology of the building materials industry are “going out”.

Facing the new situation, Pengfei Group clearly proposed to transform from equipment manufacturing to service manufacturing, and to create a “transitional” turnkey project from design, civil engineering, equipment manufacturing, transportation, commissioning and production to a large industrial furnace and energy saving. The grinding equipment is the core engineering general contracting industrial chain, extending to the environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical and other industries, expanding the company's business and increasing the new growth space for profit.

Pengfei products are manufactured in strict accordance with national and industrial standards, and the quality is excellent; Pengfei Group's services are perfect, timely, honest and trustworthy. The laterite nickel ore rotary kiln-mining furnace production line has a large investment, the value of the host equipment is large, the design service life is long, and the cheap and unsatisfactory products are selected for cheaper, which will bring a lot of faults, frequent downtime maintenance, and endless troubles!

Choose Pengfei, never regret it!