On April 17, Peng Shou, President of SINOMA INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING CO.,LTD.,academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, and other delegation visited Jiangsu Pengfei group, were accompanied by Lu Zhongping, member of the Standing Committee of Haian Municipal Committee and vice mayor, Liu Chengliang, Secretary of Dagong town Party committee, Wang Jiaan, chairman of Pengfei group, etc. They visited the Pengfei group exhibition hall, and listened to the briefing by Chairman Wang Jiaan. Peng Shou praised the Pengfei group's participation in the construction of the whole area. In particular, the company made a positive decision by promoting the development of the party building, grasping the epidemic prevention and control at the same time, and making a clean sweep of the resumption of work and production.
SINOMA INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. is a leading international engineering group in the building materials industry in China. It is one of the top 500 enterprises in the world, under the state owned assets supervision and administration commission, having a strong scientific research force and the ability of international project contracting. Its core business is building materials (glass, cement, ceramics, etc.) and spreads all over the world.

Jiangsu Pengfei group is a large-scale supplier of rotary kiln and related equipment in China and the world. Besides, it is the second largest supplier of grinding equipment. It has participated in the formulation of 7 national standards and 18 industry standards for rotary kiln and roller press for cement industry. In 2017, it was recognized as the national single champion of manufacturing industry, and was selected as the "international famous brand that Nantong focuses on Cultivation and development in 2019-2020". Focusing on internationalization, the company has a quick report and a global footprint, and has provided one-stop solutions to more than 50 "One belt, one road" countries , such as Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

In the process of rapid development of China's building materials industry, Pengfei group is strongly supported by SINOMA INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING CO.,LTD., and has many cooperation with its Nanjing Institute, Chengdu Institute, Tianjin Institute and Kaisheng Design Institute. The most typical representative projects are the 5 * 74m rotary kilns for eight 6000 ton cement production lines manufactured by Jiangsu Pengfei for Nanjing Institute of general contracting Guangdong Yingde and Guigang taini, and the 5 * 74m rotary kilns for six 6000 ton cement production lines in Africa and Nigeria for Chengdu Institute of general contracting. The model representative projects reflect the brilliant and successful road between SINOMA and Pengfei.

'One belt, one road', municipal government has been implementing the strategy of "going out" unswervingly and achieving the fast and rapid growth. In 2019, the company successfully launched the Hong kong main board and made the best achievement in history. It has made an important contribution to Pengfei's development and internationalization. The triumphant news keeps pouring in. One belt, one road is gaining momentum. Many contracts in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan have been signed. The Ivory Coast project is advancing as scheduled, and the Kazakhstan production line is on the way. Since this year, the company has full production tasks and sufficient orders. After the start of the Spring Festival, the company received the progress payment of EUR 34 million from Uzbekistan's 3300 ton cement production line EPC project and USD 5 million from Tajikistan's cement production line EP project respectively, which guaranteed the smooth progress of the project. In 2020, the company's export performance will continue to expand, showing a good development trend.

In 2020, Pengfei group will, in accordance with the requirements of high-quality redevelopment and legal compliance of listing in Hong Kong, focus on three key tasks, i.e. listing fund-raising investment, EPC contracting and overseas investment, implement the strategy of science and technology, internationalization, capitalization and refinement, and promote the high-quality development of Pengfei group to a new level. First of all is to promote the healthy development of enterprises in accordance with the standards of the national industry singles champion, the world's leading enterprises in the field of subdivision and listed group companies. Secondly, we should be firm in our confidence and goal in development. Under the epidemic situation, we should continue to overcome difficulties, open up markets, transform and upgrade, play a good "first hand" game, and seek opportunities in danger. Besides, we must open the way of development, consolidate the existing market, expand the international market and pay attention to the complete layout of the domestic market. Furthermore, we should seriously plan and accelerate the promotion of projects invested with raised funds, and constantly improve the production capacity and equipment manufacturing level of enterprises. Last but not least, we should further take the opportunity of listing in Hong Kong, and make efforts to reshape the enterprise structure, improve the system, introduce talents, and actively reserve a number of talents in development strategy, innovative research, development, capital operation, legal affairs and finance.


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