Facing covid-19's impact, Pengfei group has made the customs senior certification as the main target of 2020. In accordance with the requirements of the customs certification, we have done a good job in customs clearance and pushed the Pengfei group's quality development to a new level. It has become the second senior certification enterprise in Haian after the joint venture.
Since Nantong customs Haian office opened, companies have stepped up their pace of going out, expanded the space for international market development, and set up a bridge to the world for Haian. They strongly support Haian enterprises to integrate into the construction of the belt and road and speed up the industrial upgrading of Haian. On January 19, 2021, Yang zhanchen, director of Nantong customs office in Hai'an, and his party made a special trip to Pengfei to issue the senior certification enterprise certificate.
Customs senior certification is the "gold lettered signboard" of international customs clearance, and the highest credit rating of international trade enterprises recognized by customs all over the world. With "the most convenient customs, the most preferential domestic, the most recognized international" customs clearance convenience. The international mutual recognition of AEO national or regional customs establishes a good image of a trustworthy enterprise in the world, enhances the international trade reputation and market competitiveness, and is conducive to better expand the international market.
Pengfei group takes the initiative to integrate into the international and domestic dual cycle and build a new pattern of development. Set up the Customs Affairs Department of the company, define the full-time management personnel, carry out the customs senior certification training, learn the laws and regulations, and the professional knowledge of goods trade security. According to the certification standards, straighten out the company's import and export business process, ensure the smooth progress of certification work, and promote enterprise management to a new height.
It is the result of the joint efforts of all Pengfei people to successfully pass the customs senior certification,also the full recognition of the management standards, process implementation and control capabilities of the Pengfei management. Besides It reflects the long term operation and compliance operation of the company providing a strong support for the group to participate in the "one belt and one way" construction and strengthen the international operation.