At 4 o’clock pm on October 30th, in the Huangshi seventh cement factory which locates in Laohemiao village in Xialu town in Hubei Hungshi, the operator closed the feeding valve, and the burning furnace fire gradually been put out.  
   At 9:16 in the morning, in the Daye nonferrous metal cement factory, after the air discharging equipment in the motor room has been cut off and fall down to the ground, there is a cloud of dust been arisen. Under the shaft kiln, some workers were dismantling the base parts of the kiln with impact drill some have been washing and classify the dismantled gear.
   At 10:05 in the morning, on the top of shaft kiln of the Huangshi Seventh Cement Factory, the cutting worker was unload the first cut-off steel structure on to the lift, and watching the lift go down slowly. Watch the equipment which has companied with them for years, some of the old worker
   “The two shaft kilns are the last two in our district. Before this, we have closed Huangshi Third Cement Factory, Huangshi Fifth Cement Factory etc three small cement factories. After close this two enterprises, there will be no shaft kilns in Xialu town” the planning counting deputy director general of price bureau in Xialu town, Chengze zhang told the journalist.
   Daye nonferrous metal Yue Cement Factory was established in 1973, up to now there are totally 680 worker has been devoted there. The seventh cement factory was established in 1983, with 160 workers at present. And the annual production of the two factory was about 25 tons, which valued more than 50 million tons, which was one of the largest tax
   Since the February of this year, the government has given the emergent inform that closing small cement plant, and clear confirm that the plant which with the production lower than 0.1 million tons will be closed completely in 2007. Facing up to the policy, the leaders in the Xialu government make a discussion. Whether to close the Jinyue and Qishui cement plants? As for the standard, the two plants’ production was above 0.1 million tons, which means it can not be closed down in this year; as for the contribution, the two plants have offered considerable tax volume to the government. But, what are the opinions of the people? For this, the government has organized people to make research to the surrounding people, and the result show that the people has all given a problem of the pollution of the cement plant. It is counted that, the discharging dust power in the air amounted over 600 tons per year, over 230 tons of SO2, and the demand for the coal and power are extremely large.    
    For the benefit to the people, shut down. The town government quickly organized two job groups into the Jinyue and Qishui companies, ask them to study the relative policy and do the research and know about their opinion, and help them to solve the difficult problem after shutting down the enterprises.   
    “Today’s dismantle means tomorrow’s reborn, we would establish a new energy saving and environment protecting project in this place” said the general manger of this Jinyue company. He told the journalist that: from 27th October, the company has started the stop the operation of the shaft kiln, and after the dismantlement the company will invest tens of million to start products revision and revolution. Accordingly, the Seventh Water will also make revolution, and add low energy environment protective projects.
    The statistic show that, from the first season to the third, the energy cost of enterprises in the Xialu town has lower 12%, and 17% for the main energy consumption enterprise, high above the City’s level and requirements


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