Jiangsu Pengfei has been listed to demonstration area of integration  between informationization & industrialization
Vigorous promoting integration between informationization & industrialization is important strategy policy according to worldwide economic developing trendy & our real modernization, meanwhile it is an important measure for Jiangsu accelerating transformation of the mode of economic development & taking a new road to industrialization. At present, <Integration of information technology and industrialization demonstration area identified ways of Jiangsu Province (trail implement)> printed by Provincial Economic Commission, firstly set up the building work of demonstration area of integration between informationization & industrialization in the national wide. Push forward modern industrial system, promote economic transform of economic growth mode, take high & new technology industrial development zone, economic and technical development zone, industrial zone and other industrial agglomeration as main training & maintaining object, actively promote "second intrapreneurship" of development zone and upgrade the core competence of each industrial zones.
      The demonstration are of Jiangsu Province should have three conditions: first: set up the organization, technology, measurements & financial security of integration of informationization & industrialization, secondary, form  demonstration topic of integration with multi layer & multi-form in enterprise, industry & area, third, play a part in promoting upgrade of industrial competition, transformation & upgrade, ecological environmental protection. Play a guiding function of integration in the whole province, 1st actively take part in the research on good solution and common technical standard for integration; 2nd actively promote the management & technical support supply to other area; 3rd actively summary the developing experiences of demonstration area of integration. After the recommendation, expert evaluation of governing body of Hai'an & Nantong and identification of provincial economic commission, Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd is identified as "Provincial & industrial demonstration area of Jiangsu Province".