Φ2.2×7.0m Ceramic ball mill

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一、Technical performance
2、type: MB2270
3、mill body rotary speed:21.4±0.2r/min
4、grinding body loading capacity:25(max)
5、motor type:YR500-10,160kW/IP23/380V/60HZ(Xi 'an sima motor)
6、reducer:ZLY315  I=5.0(Tyrone reducer plant)
7、weight:50t(not include grinding body 25t)
二、Main parts, material and type
1、motor     YR500-10    160kW/IP23/380V/60HZ
2、reducer   ZLY315  i=5.0
3、shell  material Q235-B δ=20, end plate δ=56
4、hollow shaft    ZG230-450(ZG25)
5、girth gear    ZG310-570(ZG45)
6、pinion    40Cr( hardening and tempering)
7、liner      high alumina ceramic tile(≮92%)
8、main bearing    special bearing for outside spherical self-aligning double ball mill SL0549/895,SL0649/895
三、Supply scope
1、rotary part                                    1set
2、main bearing device                            2sets
3、discharging device(include 304screen drum)      1set
4、liner                                        1套
5、drive device(girth gear, pinion, cover)              1set
6、motor                                        1pc
7、reducer                                      1pc
8、coupling                                      1set
9、motor, reducer base             1set