Ф5.5×2.5m Wet semi-autogenous mill

Pengfei group has developed large-scale autogenous mill, semi autogenous mill, overflow mill and air swept mill by increasing cooperation with scientific research institutions for many years. Widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, power and other industries. "Pengfei" brand ball mill takes full account of the operating conditions of users, improves the internal conditions of the mill continuously according to the partition plate and discharge grate plate, provides new liner plate as required, adjusts the mill speed, optimizes the gear design and bearing pad lubrication parameters, increases the stability and service life of the mill, and improves the
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Pengfei group has developed large-scale autogenous mill, semi autogenous mill, overflow mill and air swept mill by increasing cooperation with scientific research institutions for many years. Widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, power and other industries. "Pengfei" brand ball mill takes full account of the operating conditions of users, improves the internal conditions of the mill continuously according to the partition plate and discharge grate plate, provides new liner plate as required, adjusts the mill speed, optimizes the gear design and bearing pad lubrication parameters, increases the stability and service life of the mill, and improves the grinding efficiency.


Ф5.5×2.5m Wet semi-autogenous mill
I. Technical performance
1. Specification: φ5.5×2.5m
2. Production capacity: According to the process condtion
3. Mill rotating speed: 14.36±0.15r/min
4. Max grinding media load: 19t
5. Slow speed of mill: 0.1r/min
6. Main motor: Xiangtan motor
Model: YRKK560-6   Power: 1250kW  Rotating speed: 991r/min
Voltage: 10KV   Biaxial stretching (Imported bearing)
7. Main reducer: NGC Transmission
Transmitted power: 1250kW   Ratio: 7.658
8. Slow drive Power: 380V
9. Cooling water consumption of main bearing: 2×5m3/h
10. Main bearing lubrication: thin oil lubrication station (GDR-63)
 (1) Low pressure system
Flow: 63L/min     Charge oil pressure: 0.4MPa  
Pump type: CB-B63    Oil supply temperature: 40±3℃
Motor: Y112M-6     B35     4kW
(2) High pressure system
Pump type: 2.5MCY14-1B       Flow: 5L/min
Charge oil pressure: 32Mpa      Motor: Y112M-6  4kW
(3) Others
Oil tank capacity: 1m3     Filtration accuracy: 0.08mm  Filter area: 0.19m2
Cooling area: 5m2
Consumption of cooling-water: 3.6m3/h
Power of heater: 3kW×3
Working medium: N22-N320
11. Girth gear lubrication: Fog lubrication GPZ-Z (with air compressor)
12. High pressure start cabinet, liquid resistance cabinet, hydraulic station, oil station control cabinet, and PLC control
13. Equipment body weight: 230t (Exclude grinding media loading)
II. Scope of supply
i. Rotary body
1. Shell body       Q345-B    δ=40mm            1pc
2. Hollow shaft and connecting flange  ZG270-500  2 sets
3. Girth gear ZG42CrMo   1pc
4. Liner   ZGMn13-4/ chromium molybdenum alloy        1 set
5. Lining-plate bolt                                 1 set
ii. Main bearing part
1. Bearing bush liner ChPbSb16-16-02 Bush HT300 2pcs
2. Bearing seat   Assembly (seat ZG230-450) 2 sets
3. Thin oil station  GDR-63  1 set
iii. Transmission part
Pinion device:
1. Pinion     37SiMn2MOV 1pc
2. Pinion shaft   40r                            1pc
3. Bearing support      Assembly                 1 set
1. Main motor  YRKK560-6  1250KW 10KV (rolling bearing) 1pc
2. Slow drive    1pc
3. Main reducer i=7.658                           1pc
4. Helical clutch   Assembly                        1 set
5. Transmission base   Assembly   1 set
iv. Girth gear cover      Assembly             1 set
v. Feeder unit   Assembly                    1 set
vi. Discharging screen   Assembly      1 set
vii. Girth gear lubrication: Fog lubrication GPZ-Z (with air compressor)  1 set
viii. Hydraulic jacking device (Two brackets, jack)        1 set
ix. Foundation bolt, shim plate, etc.                       1 set
x. High pressure start cabinet, liquid resistance cabinet, hydraulic station, oil station control cabinet, and PLC control              1 set
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