φ 5.8 × 8.7m wet overflow type ball mill for mining (edge drive)

Pengfei group has developed large-scale autogenous mill, semi autogenous mill, overflow mill and air swept mill by increasing cooperation with scientific research institutions for many years. Widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, power and other industries. "Pengfei" brand ball mill takes full account of the operating conditions of users, improves the internal conditions of the mill continuously according to the partition plate and discharge grate plate, provides new liner plate as required, adjusts the mill speed, optimizes the gear design and bearing pad lubrication parameters, increases the stability and service life of the mill, and improves the
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Pengfei group has developed large-scale autogenous mill, semi autogenous mill, overflow mill and air swept mill by increasing cooperation with scientific research institutions for many years. Widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, power and other industries. "Pengfei" brand ball mill takes full account of the operating conditions of users, improves the internal conditions of the mill continuously according to the partition plate and discharge grate plate, provides new liner plate as required, adjusts the mill speed, optimizes the gear design and bearing pad lubrication parameters, increases the stability and service life of the mill, and improves the grinding efficiency.


 一、Relevant technical parameters and performance
    1、Specification: φ 5.8 × 8.7m
    2、Production capacity: the output is determined according to the material characteristics (open flow, medium grindability, feeding particle size ≤ 6 mm, 95% passing, specific surface area of 200 mesh, 95% passing)
3、Mill speed: 13.4r/min
4、Loading capacity of grinding body: 380t (max)
    5、Main motor:
       Type:TDMK5000-30/2900 Power:5000kW  
 Voltage: 10KV            
    6、Pneumatic clutch(AL1730-410X2)
    7、Lubrication mode: hydraulic station(JHY-E691G)
    (1)Low pressure pump
Flux:420L/min  Oil supply pressure:0.634MPa  
    Oil supply temperature:40±3℃
Motor:15KWX2  AC380V,50HZ Two use one standby
    (2)High pressure pump
    Flux:140X2 L/min
    Oil supply pressure:12MPa
Motor:37KWX3 AC380V,50HZ Two use one standby    
(3)Pinion bearing lubrication pump
Nominal pressure:0.63MPa    Nominal flow rate:16L/min
Motor power:1.1kWX2 AC380V,50HZ One for one preparation
Cooling area:25X2m2    Water consumption:400L/min
Simultaneous operation≤30℃,Clear water pressure:0.3-0.4MPa
(5)Tank volume:3500L
(6)Fluids: viscosity range:N100-N220 Heavy duty EP gear oil
(7)Electric heater:2KWX6
    8、Equipment weight:500t(Excluding motor and grinding body)
    二、Main parts and materials
1、Main motor TDMK5000-30/2900  5000KW 10KV
    2、Cylinder Q235-B  Cylinder flange:ZG20SiMn
    3、Feed end cylinder:Q235-B
    4、Inlet and outlet end covers:ZG20SiMn
    5、Inlet and outlet:HT300
    6、Chrome alloy cast steel for lining plate
7、Cylinder and end cover gasket:2704 acid alkali resistant rubber
8、Carburizing and quenching treatment of pinion shaft tooth surface
9、Bearing for pinion:Spherical Roller Bearings:440X790X280
    10、Main bearing shell: HT300/QT500 Tile lining:ZChSnSb11-6
11、Main bearing base plate: weldment
12、Bearing pedestal: weldment
13、Girth gear:ZG42CrMo
14、Pneumatic clutch
    三、Scope of supply
     (一)、Rotating part
1、Shell at the inlet and outlet end   2 sets  Middle shell:1set
    2、Inlet and outlet end cover:  1 piece each
3、Material inlet and outlet: 1 piece each
4、wear-resistant alloy cast steel for lining material 1 set
5、Liner bolt  1 set
6、Liner:2704 acid alkali resistant rubber  1 set
    (二)、Main bearing part
    1、Tile: HT300/QT500 Tile liner:ZChSnSb11-6    2 pieces each
    2、Bearing seat, base plate    2 pieces each
    (三)、Pinion shaft set
1、Carburizing and quenching treatment of gear shaft tooth surface    1 set
2、Base plate  weldment  1 set
3、Bearing for pinion: self aligning roller bearing:440X790X280
(四)、Girth gear:
Half gear ring  material ZG42CrMo   1 set
(五)、Feeding car  1 set
    (六)、Transmission device
1、Main motor  TDMK5000-30/2900  5000KW 10KV   1 set
       2、Slow drive  1 set
       3、Coupling  Assembly  1 set
       4、Drive base  Assembly  1 set
    (七)、Gear cover  Assembly   1 set
    (八)、Foundation components       1 set
(九)、Pneumatic clutch AL1730-410X2  1 set
(十)、Jack up bracket      1 set
(十一)、Dry oil injection device   1 set
(十二)、Lubrication system  1 set