CLK Cyclone Environmental Protection Equipment

Our CLK type cyclone environmental protection equipment is typically designed to separate solid particulate matter from air or liquid. As an environmental friendly machine, it is mainly used in the construction field, and its main components consist of barrel, air inlet pipe, and outlet pipe.
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Our CLK type cyclone environmental protection equipment is typically designed to separate solid particulate matter from air or liquid. As an environmental friendly machine, it is mainly used in the construction field, and its main components consist of barrel, air inlet pipe, and outlet pipe.


1. Suitable for collecting high-concentration and large non-fibrous dry dusts.
2. Compact structure, small in size, high efficiency, easy and convenient maintenance, reliable performance, etc.


Model Air processing volume (m3/h) Inlet temperature Velocity of air inlet Resistance (Pa) Weight (kg)
Φ800 7000-10000 <350℃ 10-25m/s <1000 1100
Φ1000 9000-12000 <350℃ 10-25m/s <1000 1560
Φ1200 10000-15000 <350℃ 10-25m/s <1000 2100
Φ1400 12000-18000 <350℃ 10-25m/s <1000 2800
Φ1500 15000-20000 <350℃ 10-25m/s <1000 3200
Φ1600 16000-22000 <350℃ 10-25m/s <1000 3500
Φ1800 18000-25000 <350℃ 10-25m/s <1000 3900
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