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PFG200-160 type roller press

一、1、Equipment name         PFG200-160 type roller press
2、Application         Grinding raw materials、cement and so on
3、Quantity            1set
4、Materials          raw materials、cement and so on
5、Comprehensive moisture     ≤1~1.5%
6、Feeding fineness        Dmax≤45mm
7、Discharge fineness       <2mm,more than 60%
8、Capacity   Average1000~1280t/h Max.1280 t/h
9、Working hours         Continuous
10、Power supply         Voltage 10000V   Motor type   YRKK710-6
11、Arrangement         Indoor
12、Required power       2×2000 kW
13、Diameter of rollers      2000mm
14、Width of rollers       1600mm
15、Rotation speed        19.8r/min
16、Equipment weight       ~420.6t
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Manufacturing standards and technical requirements

1. The roller press must be manufactured in strict accordance with the design drawing requirements of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd.
2. The main body of the roller is 42CrMo forged steel, processed and tempered. The normal service life of the roller surface is more than 8000 hours.
3. Frame structure (description) the main frame is composed of upper and lower cross frames and left and right columns. The main frame is made of 16Mn steel plate, which is connected by high-strength bolt group with bearing pin and tightening.
4. The main frame shall be annealed as a whole after welding.
5. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the roller press, low wear rate of the roller surface, good extrusion effect, and strictly prevent the entry of foreign matters such as iron block, etc., it is a problem to be fully considered in the process design.
6. The roller bearing is equipped with thermocouple to monitor the working temperature of the bearing.
7. The main shaft of the roller is tempered and inspected by ultrasonic flaw detection.
8. Wear resistant alloy layer, hardness not less than hrc58.
9. The roller press shall be evenly painted with the same color, without flowing, and the parts and components shall be free of casting, welding and other processing defects.
10. The main components of roller press control cabinet are ABB or Siemens products.
11. Comply with heavy machinery related industry standards.

Quality assurance and after-sales service

1. Three guarantees shall be implemented according to the national regulations. In case of any problem, the Seller shall arrive at the site within one day after receiving the buyer's notice for handling. Any damage to parts caused by quality defects shall be compensated free of charge, except for accidents caused by abnormal operation.
2. Service life of roll surface: meet the requirements of raw materials and free of metal impurities. The normal service life of roll surface is more than 8000 hours.
3. During the installation and test run of the equipment delivered to the site, the Seller shall send personnel to guide the installation and debugging until it reaches the standard, and the time shall not be less than 15 days.
4. Provide high quality spare parts at preferential price for a long time.
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