Spring Cone Crusher

This spring cone crusher is typically designed to process a variety of mid-hard and above mid-hard ores and rocks in different fields, like metallurgy, construction, road building, chemistry, etc.
When compared with jaw crusher, the spring cone crusher has more advantages, such as stable structure, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, lower operational costs, and more. Its spring safety system is used as the overload protection system to allow foreign iron lumps to get through the crushing chamber without damage to the crusher. Both glycerin and water sealing modes are
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This spring cone crusher is typically designed to process a variety of mid-hard and above mid-hard ores and rocks in different fields, like metallurgy, construction, road building, chemistry, etc.
When compared with jaw crusher, the spring cone crusher has more advantages, such as stable structure, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, lower operational costs, and more. Its spring safety system is used as the overload protection system to allow foreign iron lumps to get through the crushing chamber without damage to the crusher. Both glycerin and water sealing modes are employed to separate the stone powder and lubrication oil, thus achieving stable and reliable operation. The shape of the crushing chamber is decided by the size of feeding material. The standard form (PYB) is suitable for medium crushing, and the medium and short ones is appropriate for fine crushing.

Working Principles

Materials become squeezed and crushed between the movable and fixed cones. So the spring cone crusher is more advanced and efficient than the jaw crusher. Its movable cone is held by the spherical bearing, and the fixed one by a hanging erect shaft that is set in the eccentric sleeve of the stop and push bearing.
Both the movable cone and erect shaft are driven by the eccentric shaft sleeve. And the eccentric shaft sleeve is driven by horizontal shaft and fabricated gear, and the wheel of conveyor belt is directly driven by motor via the v-belts. The lower part of vertical shaft is fitted in the eccentric sleeve. When the eccentric sleeve rotates, a conical surface forms. Once the movable cone moves near the fixed one, rocks and ores are broken, and when the movable cone leaves, crushed material will be discharged. Besides, the fixed cone can go up and down in order to adjust the width of discharge hole.


Type Diameter (mm)Crushing Cone Feed Opening (mm) Max. Feed Size (mm) Range of Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (KW) Speed of Shaft (r/min)Eccentric Weight Including Motor (t) (Length, Width, Height ) (mm) Overall Size
PYB600 Ф600 75 65 12-15 40 30 356 5 2234×1370×1675
PYD600 Ф600 40 35 3-13 12-23 30 356 5.1 2234×1370×1675
PYB900 Ф900 135 115 15-50 50-90 55 333 11.2 2692×1640×2350
PYZ900 Ф900 70 60 5-20 20-65 55 333 11.2 2692×1640×2350
PYD900 Ф900 50 40 3-13 15-50 55 333 11.3 2692×l640×2350
PYB1200 Ф1200 170 145 20-50 110-168 110 300 24.7 2790×1878×2844
PYZ1200 Ф1200 115 100 8-25 42-135 110 300 25 2790×1878×2844
PYD1200 Ф1200 60 50 3-15 18-105 110 300 25.3 2790×1878×2844
PYB1750 Ф1750 250 215 25-50 280-480 160 245 50.3 3910×2894×3809
PYZ1750 Ф1750 215 185 10-30 115-320 160 245 50.3 3910×2894×3809
PYD1750 Ф1750 100 85 5-15 75-230 160 245 50.2 3910×2894×3809
PYB2200 Ф2200 350 300 30-60 590-1000 280/260 220 80 4622×3302×4470
PYZ2200 Ф2200 275 230 10-30 200-580 280/260 220 80 4622×3302×4470
PYD2200 Ф2200 130 100 5-16 120-340 280/260 220 81.4 4622×3302×4470