Technical document of Y55115 rotary kiln

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Unit Description
一、technical parameter
  Equipment name   Rotary kiln
  Specification and type   Φ5.5×115m(Diameter is the inner diameter of steel plate cylinder)
  Application   Used for reduction roasting of laterite
  Number 1
  Output t/h 80~100(焙砂)
  Drive system   Double drive
  Wheel type   Two speed hydraulic block wheel
  Kiln support number   4档
  Inclination  (sine)   3.0%(sine)
  Rotation speed    
  Drive type   Double side double drive
  Main drive r/min 0.2~1.2
  Auxiliary drive r/h 6.7
  Sealing type of kiln head   Tentative steel seal (to be determined after consultation with ENFI)
  Sealing type of kiln tail   Tentative air cylinder compression face seal (to be determined after consultation with ENFI)
  Cooling of kiln head   Air cooling
  Rotation direction   Forward time (from discharge end)
  Total weight t 1648(Excluding inlet and outlet cover)
  Outlet temperature of kiln head materials 750~850
  Temperature of kiln tail gas 200~400
  Thickness of refractory brick mm 230
  Coal injection quantity at kiln head t/h  
二.Scope of supply Including transmission device (main transmission device, auxiliary transmission device), open gear transmission device (large and small gear rings, shafts and bearings), gear cover, cylinder part (cylinder section, kiln head cold air sleeve, kiln head guard plate, bolt and nut, each wheel belt), support device (each block support, base, etc.), hydraulic block wheel (block wheel, shaft and bearing), block wheel hydraulic station, block wheel pipeline system System, kiln head sealing device, kiln tail sealing device, kiln head cooling air pipe, reducer lubrication system, feed cover, discharge cover, installation tools, various instruments, electric control cabinet, etc.